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Subject: 16th-19th century

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Set of 14 Huguenot Books Reg. US$190.85

By Alcock, Deborah ETC.

Huguenot Inheritance Series

All the books in the Huguenot Inheritance Series are independent stories written by different authors.

# 1 - The Escape by A. Van der Jagt

# 2 - The Secret Mission by A. Van der Jagt

# 3 - How They Kept The Faith by Grace Raymond

# 4 - The Young Huguenots by Edith S. Floyer

# 5 - Driven into Exile by Charlotte Maria Tucker (A.L.O.E.)

# 6 - The Refugees (A Tale of Two Continents) by A. Conal Doyle

# 7 - Done and Dared in Old France by Deborah Alcock

# 8 - A Loyal Huguenot Maid by Margaret Comrie

# 9 - The Baron of Salgas by Sabine Malplach and The Cross and the Crown and The Carpenter of Nîmes by Deborah Alcock

#10 - The Well in the Orchard by Deborah Alcock

#11 - Friends of Pascal by Deborah Alcock

#12 - In The Desert by Deborah Alcock

#13 - In the City by Deborah Alcock

#14 - Must I Give Him Up? by Deborah Alcock

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