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Subject: 19th century

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Noble Forger - US Edition

By Bergius, C.G.

A Novel by C.C. Bergius

A best-seller in Germany and one of the most widely acclaimed novels to be published there for many years, The Noble Forger is founded on historical fact and set in Austria during the early part of the nineteenth century. The story opens with the arrest of Peter von Baton, one of the wealthiest and most influential aristocrats in Vienna, and his wife, the former Countess Christalnigg, on a charge of forgery which caused a scandal that threatened to disturb the very foundations of the Austrian State.

Emperor Franz, haunted by the spectre of a revolution which could be sparked off by such a sensational exposure of aristocratic venality, ordered the powerful Prince Metternich to investigate the circumstances leading to the von Batons’ arrest. A trial would be held . . .

The book is a novel based on fact; that is the events described in it have actually happened. Out of consideration for their descendants, some people’s names have been changed.

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