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Subject: Time: 1850-1910

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CIS 3 First Canadian - Champlain

By Ritchie, C.T.

The Story of Champlain

Canadian Inheritance Series # 3

“Bring back a full report” King Henri of France said to Samuel Champlain. Three months later, Champlain followed the path of Cartier up the River of Canada to the place that the Indians called Kebek and which Champlain noted in his report as Quebec.

There began the story of Champlain, a record of unequalled sacrifice and devotion to duty, here told with a fine sense of colour and drama. In this story Champlain is seen to be something more than a courageous adventurer. He emerges as a visionary of proud spirit, with resources of integrity and a depth of faithfulness that made him respected even by his enemies.

Perhaps his greatest enemy was the Indian, the Iroquois. To fall into their hands meant an end more terrible than death. In alliance with the friendly but unpredictable Montagnais and Algonquins, Champlain fought the Iroquois, sailing into the heart of their country, seeking them out, attacking their fleets of war canoes and storming their forts.

To make the River of Canada, later the St. Lawrence, safe for the canoes of the fur traders, Champlain suffered wounds from the arrows of the Iroquois . . .

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