ISBN: 9781772980059

Subject: Time: 1760s

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H.I.14 Must I Give Him up - Alcock

By Alcock, Deborah

A Story of France in the 18th Century

Huguenot Inheritance Series #14

Among those who could not get away was an aged man, who had almost fulfilled his fourscore years of life. Him the soldiers took, and were leading him away to prison. His son, who was in another part of the Assembly, knew nothing of it until, having reached a place of safety, he sought everywhere for his father, and could not find him. His young active feet soon retraced their steps. He met the soldiers with their captive on their way to the town. Madly Fabre threw himself into their midst, and made a wild despairing effort to tear their prisoner from their grasp. Vain — vain of course! What could one man, alone and unarmed, do against a band?

Historical Fiction for Teens & Adults