ISBN: 9781928136224 (52)

Subject: true to life stories for children

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My Favorite Story Book

By Van de Hulst, W.G.

Illustrated by W.G. Van de Hulst, Jr.

Translated from the Dutch by Marian Schooland

1 Two Little Sisters; 2 Dickie and the Little Finch; 3 The Little Wooden Shoe; 4 A Teddy Bear That Grew; 5 The Sick Man; 6 White and Black; 7 Mother and Steven; 8 The Ugly Caterpillar; 9 Grandpa’s Watch; 10 Naughty Hector; 11 The Little Man with a Crooked Neck; 12 Little Jack’s Vacation; 13 Shiner; 14 Brown Beans, White Beans; 15 In the Little Reed Cradle; 16 Whose Little Goat Are You?; 17 Lettie; 18 The Glass Marble; 19 One Rainy, Rainy Day; 20 The Snowman; 21 My Friend Blackcap and I; 22 The Two Little Lambs; 23 When the Wild Wind Blows; 24 Nibs and the Little Old Man; 25 Tarts ; 26 Who Was Most Kind?; 27 Reta, Meta, and Sofeta; 28 Potatoes for Mother; 29 Donnie’s Corner; 30 Hagar and Ishmael; 31 Peeper; 32 Elsa and the Violets.

Fiction for Children