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Subject: heology - Ethics

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Proceedings of the I. C. R. C. 1993

By I. C. R. C.

Proceedings of The International Conference of Reformed Churches September 1-9, 1993 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Included are the conference papers which were delivered for the general public in the evening sessions: The Wrath of God as an Essential Part of Mission - C.J. Haak; Prophecy Today? - Norris Wilson; Catechism Preaching - N.H. Gootjes; Christology and Mission - Alisdair I. Macleod; Recent Criticisms of the Westminster Confession of Faith - R.S. Ward; Redemptive Historical Preaching - H.M. Ohmann; Remarks on Church and Tolerance - J. Kamphuis.

Reformed Doctrine & Theology